Baby Boys
Branding + Other Design Stuff

2018 - 2019

Baby Boys is a streetwear brand that reflects the attitude of post-internet young adults adapting to adulthood.
The primary design element used in the logo and the “Damaged Goods”  season is pulled from primary school exercises of teaching child how to write the alphabet. This element was chosen to adapt the childhood motif to modern typography to create interesting contrast and reading experience, to give space for sarcastic and honest langauge to relate with the youth, and to reinforce the feeling of incompletion, which many people experience during important life transitions.

Season One - “Damaged Goods”

Damaged Goods is usually a term used to demean and dismiss people who’ve experience hurtful and/or tramatic life experiences. This season focuses on personal exploration in hopes of new security and ownership of the feelings and experiences we carry. This season uses freight and shipping labels as the primary element and the Baby Boy typography elements.
4.5 x 7.25 incheSs

Season Two - “Truth Hurts”

When someone is struggling with mental health, the person might feel like there are two sides battling in his mind. Clawing to try and redefine every experience and memory the person holds dear to them. When “truth” is distorted or flipped on itself it may end up resulting in disillusionment and “hurt”. 
This season of designs attempts to capture this feeling and is reflected in the logo design.

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