A bunch of older school projects.

Coloring Book Vol.1
Illustration | Packaging

Spring 2016 

Created a coloring book and crayon box design for the Chance the Rapper album called “Coloring Book”.
What a surprise. 

Pariah Magazine
Editorial Design

Spring 2016

Pariah magazine is an art and culture magazine that focuses on highlighting niche communities and underground art. The paper bag over the head has always been the uniform of a pariah/outcast. The Pariah magazine cover design to has the ridges and the ability to fold out to be worn to reinforce that imagery.  

Experimental Book Cover: 


Fall 2015

We were challenged to create a concept that would relate three seemingly random books and to show that in the way we design the book covers. I drew a connection between Michael Jackson, diamonds, and butterflies in how they all are known for transformation and showed that by creating an interactive book cover that let’s the reader be a part of that process in a visible way.

Lagos Metro
Map Redesign

Fall 2015

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. When reimagining the branding and map design, I wanted to create something that held onto tradition while adopting modern elements. The way the lines are drawn and laid out are both inspired by African textile weaving, which felt proper to reflect the way different subway lines would weave alongside and separate from each other.

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