Type Design | Art Direction | Music

2019 - Current (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Vanity is a project that explores the grey area of hedonistic indulgence and sober cynicism through music and visual design. By definition, the word vanity holds both the meaning of excessive pride in one’s achievements and appearance as well something being futile or worthless. Interestingly enough, excess beauty is what often appears as the most ugly. The people who are “try-hards” with luxury brand tracksuits with jewelry eare the ones who are often ridiculed rather than the ones who truly carry an authentic, personal style and yet there is a envy for those people who have the material wealth or the appearance of full confidence in their identity.

The type design reflects the ugly nature of excessive beauty by constantly using the curve of the golden ratio and distorting the letterforms to show how the original purpose or meaning can get lost in our attempt to mask and present ourselves in a certain way. The art direction distorts elements of 80’s American pop and rave culture to explore and wrestle with ideas of beauty and social value.


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